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Provide Fiscal Oversight and Taxpayer Accountability

With an annual budget of $100 million, our school system is one of the largest institutions in our community. With our school funding coming directly from tax dollars, we must ensure that these funds are being ethically spent and meticulously accounted for. Residents of the Forest Hills School District must be assured that their tax dollars are being spent wisely and used to increase the quality of education for the students in our district.


Through his professional background in treasury management, Kevin has vast experience in the management and oversight of company budgets in excess of $500 million in annual revenue.

As a member of the Forest Hills Board of Education Kevin will;

  • Make the Forest Hills School District the most fiscally transparent in the State of Ohio.

  • Hold our Treasurer and Superintendent accountable for how, where, and why our money is being moved and spent. 

  • Track where every penny is going to ensure that taxpayer dollars go directly to the improvement of education in the district.

  • Fight unnecessary tax levies intended for pet projects and only put a levy before the voters if it is properly vetted, fully transparent on funding and spending, and will improve the quality of education in our district.

Improve the Quality of Education and Educational Opportunities

As a proud alumnus of the Forest Hills School District, Kevin knows how our schools can impact the lives of our students. Kevin wants to ensure that current and future students experience the quality education, happiness, and success that he and so many others experienced while attending the Forest Hills School District.


Quality education comes in many forms - both in and out of the classroom.


As a member of the Forest Hills Board of Education Kevin will;

  • Prioritize academic excellence and dedicate himself to making the Forest Hills School District a top-tier district and a model for other districts within the State of Ohio.

  • Ensure that our school’s curriculum focuses on reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  • Provide full transparency to parents over our schools’ curriculum and work with parents on any curriculum-related concerns that may arise.

  • Push back against inappropriate and divisive ideology that has no place in a classroom.

  • Emphasize the importance of extracurricular sports, clubs, and activities to ensure that all students, regardless of their specific interests, have opportunities to grow and expand their educational horizons.

Enhance School Safety

Parents trust that their kids are safe in our schools. It is our responsibility to ensure that our schools are safe places for students to grow and learn. School safety will always be a top priority for Kevin.


As a member of the Forest Hills Board of Education Kevin will;

  • Explore staffing all of our schools with resource officers that are trained and capable of responding to emergencies and threats - both internally and externally. 

  • Develop and maintain key relationships with our police, fire, and EMS to ensure that we are implementing the best possible safety protocols and emergency responses within each of our schools. 

  • Work with our police, fire, and EMS partners to improve the standards for safety training, awareness, and response for all school staff and essential personnel.

  • Prioritize funding in our annual budget to increase perimeter safety and improve both external and internal security measures.

  • Provide resources to students to report safety and/or security concerns within our schools.

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