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Dear Forest Hills School District Voter, 

My name is Kevin Comerford and I will be on the ballot this fall seeking your vote to become the next member of the Forest Hills School Board.

I was born and raised in Anderson Township and graduated from Turpin High School in 2010. Forest Hills School District not only supplied me with an excellent education, but also provided countless invaluable experiences. I was a four-year member of Turpin's football, basketball, and track & field teams. My love for sports led me to Muskingum University, where I played football for four years, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Political Science in 2014. 

After graduation I returned home to Cincinnati and Anderson Township. For the last 5 years I have worked at one of the largest regional banks in the Midwest headquartered right here in Cincinnati. During my tenure I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles. My current position involves assisting companies that generate over $500 million in revenue with their treasury management. My work experience requires that I have a strong understanding of financial accounting. It also requires teamwork, collaboration and effective communication skills, all of which will make me a valuable contributor to the FHSD Board.

I've always looked for opportunities to get involved and give back to my community. I am currently a member of the Transportation Advisory Committee within Anderson Township Government, and regularly attend Board of Trustee meetings and Board of Education meetings. Currently, I serve as the Treasurer for the Young Republican group in Hamilton County, where I mentor college students and young professionals.

As a member of the Forest Hills Board of Education, I will bring my energy and my experience to engage community leaders, educators and parents to make certain that our schools reflect the values of the wonderful people in our district. 

My mission is to: 

Focus on Quality of Education - FHSD has always had the highest standards regarding education of our students both in the classroom and through extra-curricular opportunities. As a Board member I will make sure those standards are reflected in Board Policies and keep divisive ideology out of the classroom. 

Focus on Safety in Education - Quality education can't happen without a safe learning environment. I will work to enforce policies that not only address the physical safety of every student of Forest Hills, but support policies that promote a safe learning environment centered on academic achievement, fostering positive relationships for our teachers and our students, and encouraging parental and community involvement. 

Focus on Budget Oversight and Taxpayer Accountability - Forest Hills School District has an annual budget of more than 100 million dollars. I will use my experience in business and banking to provide good stewardship of your tax dollars. Every dollar should be thoughtfully and strategically spent with absolute transparency. 

I am a proud Alumnus of Turpin High School and I know firsthand how our schools can impact the lives of our students. I want to ensure that our current and future students experience the quality education, happiness, and success that myself and so many others experienced attending Forest Hills Schools. 

I am excited about the opportunity to serve and would be grateful for your vote on November 7th. 



Kevin Comerford 

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